Community Education

The Arc offers education forums around the state; topics are varied, but always have a disability focus.  Disability awareness trainings and community outreach are an integral part of educating people in the community about disabilities, increasing awareness and promoting community inclusion.  These workshops provide information, resources and networking opportunities for people with disabilities and family members.

People First Language

IMG_3668This workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of any group. This interactive presentation addresses the importance of recognizing strengths in differences. Participants will learn how to speak to and about individuals with disabilities in order to encourage understanding of diversity.

Legislative Process Training

SAS ConferenceThis workshop empowers individuals with disabilities and their support networks to become active in influencing the public policies that affect their lives. While the workshop can be altered to meet the needs of the group, the legislative process as a whole is explored. Participants will learn how to access legislative information, who their legislators are and how to communicate with them and how to draft and deliver testimony.

Laughter Yoga

Throughout the interactive Laughter Yoga sessions, the presenter discusses the benefits of intentional laughter and how the physical action and sounds of laughter integrates the mind, body and spirit. Laughter makes it easier to cope with life’s challenges. When practiced consistently, the health benefits are many.

Assistive Technology: Maximizing Ability

This workshop explores how technology can open doors and break down barriers for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Whether in the classroom or workplace, assistive technology (including devices, software, recordings and much more) can increase, maintain or improve the capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Attendees have a chance to see how quality of life is enhanced by having control of one’s environment. A hands-on demonstration of assistive technology devices is used to highlight points throughout the presentation.

Computer Accessibility and Assistive Technology

This workshop provides many practical tips on utilizing applications already available on most computers operating systems. Participants gain knowledge about accessibility settings such as screen readers, magnifiers, accessible cursor options and much more.