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Agenda for Annual Meeting

2022 Annual Report




Greetings Members!

I write to you today regarding a process that the Board recently undertook to ensure the long-term strength of the organization. To remain relevant to the needs of our community, it was necessary to update the By-Laws of the organization.

As Board Chair, it falls on me to share with you that we made some changes to the By-Laws that brings the organization into the 21st century. This process will also allow for a more streamlined approach to board governance.

At the Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to vote on the most important change. That of membership. Through our work with the consultant, it became clear that having all our members vote on everything at the annual meeting regarding organizational governance was untenable.

As a result, you will no longer be necessary to vote on changes at the annual meeting. This is not to say that your voices don’t matter – to the contrary, membership such as yours is vital to the organization’s strength. However, given that the members typically don’t attend the annual meeting, even when there is something to vote on, we made it so that this was an unnecessary piece for our membership.

If you have any questions, please refer them to our Executive Director, and know that the board values each member. We are always looking for more board members, so please consider that as an option to serve the community of the ARC of Bismarck.



Please VOTE HERE  by November 9th. 





Proposed NEW By-laws


Thank you

Carl Young

Carl Young

Board President