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American People is a self-advocacy group dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, ensuring their rights are respected, and promoting inclusion and equality within the community.


At its core, American People is an adult self-advocacy group driven by the passionate individuals it represents. The organization provides a supportive platform for adults with disabilities to come together, share their experiences, and collectively advocate for the changes they wish to see in society. The belief that every person deserves to be heard and valued fosters a sense of belonging and purpose among its members.


The group offers members a chance to build self-confidence and leadership skills through regular meetings, workshops, and outreach programs. They learn about their rights and how to effectively communicate their needs and desires, ensuring their voices are heard and respected.


American People actively engage with the community to break down barriers and misconceptions surrounding disabilities. They aim to create an inclusive society where individuals of all abilities can participate fully and without discrimination. The group collaborates with local businesses, organizations, and policymakers to promote accessibility and accommodation for people with disabilities.


What sets The Arc apart is its commitment to person-centered planning. They recognize that each individual has unique goals and aspirations, and they work hand-in-hand with members to develop strategies for achieving personal growth and independence.