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Subject: Supporting Funding for Paratransit


Paratransit services are essential for individuals with disabilities who may face challenges in utilizing traditional public transportation. These services provide accessible transportation options that accommodate the unique needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities, including those with mobility impairments, sensory disabilities, and cognitive limitations.


Investing in paratransit services creates a more inclusive and accessible community, allowing individuals with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of life. Access to reliable transportation is fundamental for individuals to engage in employment, education, healthcare, social activities, and community involvement. It ensures that people with disabilities can lead independent and fulfilling lives, contributing meaningfully to our society.


Unfortunately, inadequate funding has resulted in limitations in paratransit services, including reduced coverage areas, restricted hours of operation, and lengthy wait times. These limitations impose significant challenges and barriers for individuals with disabilities, hindering their access to employment opportunities, healthcare services, and community resources. By expanding funding for paratransit, we can address these gaps and ensure that transportation does not hinder the lives of people with disabilities.


Moreover, increased investment in paratransit services would yield numerous benefits for our community. It would enhance the economic prospects of individuals with disabilities by facilitating their employment and reducing their dependence on social assistance. It would also promote social inclusion, as individuals would be free to participate in community events, visit friends and family, and engage in recreational activities. By investing in paratransit, we invest in the well-being and success of our community.


Therefore, we urge Bismarck City Commissioners to prioritize funding for paratransit services. It is imperative that we work together to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equitable access to transportation and the opportunity to thrive in our community.


Let us build a future where everyone, regardless of ability, can easily travel, pursue their aspirations, and contribute fully to our society. We can create a more inclusive and accessible community that leaves no one behind.


Letter published in The Bismarck Tribune


Kirsten Dvorak

Executive Director

The Arc of Bismarck